Propolis Extract in Capsules Polenectar™

The main objective in developing Propolis Extract in Capsules Polenectar™ was to meet the growing demand of consumers who do not appreciate the sharp taste of liquid Propolis Extract. After several researches, Polenectar™ has developed a formula for capsules, which can keep most of the original substances of Propolis, including Artepillin-C found in "GREEN" Propolis. Easy to take and to be absorbed by the body, Propolis Extract in Capsules Polenectar™ can be consumed by adults and children, being the best choice for demanding customers who want a practical and efficient presentation for the day-by-day consumption of Propolis. Alcohol Free and Wax Free formula.

Ingredients: Propolis Extract (which includes "GREEN" Propolis in its composition) and Food Starch.

Presentation: Blister cases containing 60 capsules of 500mg each, packed in boxes containing 8 or 14 Blister Cases.

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