The Company

Founded in 1990 by the bee raiser Celso Dall'Agnol, Apiário Polenectar™ offers along with its founder, family and employees genuine and excellent quality products without preservatives or other chemical additives in order to value the best of nature.

Since its foundation, Apiário Polenectar™, through a continuous perfecting process has been searching its modernization, improving manufacturing processes as well as the quality of its products.

Polenectar™ has always observed its customers' needs and conquered a wide acceptance on domestic and foreign markets, mostly in Asia countries, such as: Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, just like in the USA and Canada. Apiário Polenectar™ owns store, office and factory with headquarters of its own in São Paulo, where manufactures and sells its own products line. Its staff is formed by highly qualified professionals, among them chemists and specialized technicians besides the company founder and family who are always cooperating with the progress of this work. .

Our Mission:

"Contributing to continuous amelioration in improvement of people's quality of life by using resources of the own nature".

Our Vision:

"Researching and developing nature products, turning them into healthy food to all the family".

Founder's Speech:

"Work with nature is a matter of choice. A choice made by nature on it own. We are privileged in this mission of amelioration in improvement of people's quality of life."

Celso Dall´Agnol
CEO - "Chief Executive Officer"

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