Propolis Polenectar™

After many tests and researchs, Polenectar Company get developed a Propolis Wax Free Extract Super Concentraded.

Our new product, Propolis Extract- Absolute, is the result of our propolis high-quality, that passed through a high technology, extrating process without any artificial chemical aditive, reaching the higher concentration that vary between 90 to 95%. This product was developed to be used as an ingredient for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy of manipulation, homeopathy, cosmetics and products for personal hygiene. The concentration process keeps the therapeutics quality and action of the propolis because it preserves its actives components, phenolics compounds and flavonoids.The main advantage of the Propolis Polenectar™ High Concentration it is about how easy is to transport and store it, one time that reduces in 80% the pack size and it is up to your responsible person how you will use it and get formulated depending on your necessities. The product is available in 100g, 250g, 550g, 1000g and barn packages.

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