Propolis in Glycolic Solution Polenectar™
Wax Free 40 – Green

In its line of special products, Polenectar™ also has an extract destinated for the specific consumers and markets where imports of products containing alcohol, even in small amounts, is restricted or prohibited: Propolis in Glycolic Solution Polenectar™ – Wax Free 40 – Green. Propolis in Glycolic Solution Polenectar™ – Wax Free 40 was specially developed to serve customers seeking a differentiated High Quality Product, Wax Free and Alcohol Free, either by restricting medical, religious or trade policy in some countries. During their manufacture, Extra Neuter Cereal Alcohol of its composition is removed and replaced by another solvent, Propylene Glycol, an ingredient widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries, totally harmless. Furthermore, large amounts of "GREEN" Propolis are used in its production, besides passing through the process of wax removing, extracting the resins which stick in the glass, mouth and teeth, resulting in a very complete product, with a wide market acceptance profile.

Ingredients: Propolis (including "GREEN" Propolis) and Propylene Glycol (Extra Neuter Cereal Alcohol < 0.8%).

Presentation: Glass flasks containing 30 ml of extract, packed in boxes with 16 or 36 units.

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