Propolis Extract Polenectar™ – Wax Free 60 – Green

Polenectar™ has, in addition to its traditional line, some products specially designed for the most demanding consumers. Among the main products of this line, are presented the Propolis Extracts Polenectar™ – Wax Free 50 and 60 – GREEN. Propolis Extracts Polenectar™ – Wax Free 50 and 60 – GREEN are obtained through a last generation process of wax removing, through filters at different temperatures, where the main components of Propolis are preserved, keeping a high concentration formula, extracting the waxes and the resins that stick in the cup, the mouth or teeth. Propolis Extract Polenectar™ 50 has a HIGH concentration, while Propolis Extract Polenectar™ 60 has a HIGHEST concentration. Both are made mainly with "GREEN" Propolis, thus providing high levels of Artepillin-C to its final composition.

Ingredients: Propolis (including "GREEN" Propolis) and Extra Neuter Cereal Alcohol.

Presentation: Glass flasks containing 30 ml of extract, packed in boxes with 12 or 24 units.

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