Propolis Crystal – Aqueous Solution Polenectar™

After years of research, Polenectar™ has developed, with high investment in technology and uniquely, a revolutionary product in the line of Propolis Extracts: Propolis CRYSTAL – Aqueous Solution Polenectar™. Unlike others aqueous extracts already on the market, it doesn't turns white when dropped in any liquid, being HIGHLY CONCENTRATED, TOTALLY SOLUBLE and CRYSTALLINE. In this product, alcohol is completely replaced by WATER, the safer extract for those consumers who seek a differentiated product, with High Quality and which can be taken without restriction by adults and children, thus meets the requirements of any medical or religious restrictions (except medical restriction by allergy to natural components of Propolis), besides the regulations of import from different countries. Wax Free, made from specially selected raw materials (including the world famous "GREEN" Propolis), Propolis CRYSTAL – Aqueous Solution Polenectar™ can be served with tea, juice, soda or other liquid without changing its appearance, thus demonstrating its versatility of use.

Ingredients: Propolis (including "GREEN" Propolis) and Water.

Presentation: Glass flasks containing 30 ml of extract, packed in boxes with 12 or 20 units.

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