Softgel with vitamin E

Vitamin E is a nutrient naturally found in dark green verdures, grains and vegetable oils which in its most biologically active form – the alpha-tocopherol – is an important antioxidant, easily absorbed by the organism, acting by stopping the harmful effects of free radicals, thus helping to prevent premature aging and its effects. Using high quality raw materials and advanced industrial processes POLENECTAR® allied the benefits of Vitamin E to its already world famous Concentrated Propolis Extract – a natural source of Bioflavonoids and Artepillin-C, present exclusively in Brazilian Green Propolis – thus creating the VITAMIN E SUPPLEMENT WITH PROPOLIS EXTRACT POLENECTAR®. Its practical presentation in Softgel capsules, easy to take, is the best choice to compliment your health and the health of your entire family, anywhere and anytime.

Use recommendation: take 1 (one) capsule, three times a day.

Do not leave the conventional treatment indicated by the physician. If allergic reactions occur, consume must be terminated.

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