Dehydrated Bee Pollen

Pollen Capsules

Pollen is a product obtained by bees during their visit to flowers. Used in the feeding of bees and in royal jelly composition, it is a vitamin, mineral, protein and amino acid rich source; these elements are indispensable to life.

Dehydrated Bee Pollen Polenectar™ can be used as a powerful food complement, acting as auxiliary on physical and mental weariness treatment, especially for people who do frequent physical exercises or those who have intense brain activity, also acting as an auxiliary on treatment of hypertension, precocious aging, nervousness, menopause, prostate and ovary problems.

Packages: Bottles containing 60 capsules.

Use suggestion:
Adults: 1 tablespoon 3 times a day or before any physical activity.
Children: Half dosage.

Do not leave the conventional treatment indicated by the physician. If allergic reactions occur, consume must be terminated.

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