Honey-Eucalyptus tree predominant blosson

Honey is a natural product, elaborated by bees and extracted from flower nectar. Since the very beginning of his life on Earth, man has been using honey, not only for food, but also for restorative, tonic, beautifying, anti-aging and growth stimulating purposes.

Polenectar™ honey is an easy digestion food, promptly absorbed, being a proven energy source essential to health. As plants provide nectar, honey assumes different colors, flavor and smell characteristics. For that very reason it is graded according to the blossoms, that is to say, depending on species of flowers from which bees pick up the nectar. The main ones are:

- Eucalyptus tree predominant blossom: darker honey widely used as auxiliary for cough, cold and flu treatments as well as expectorant.

Crystalization: Depending on the blossom of the honey, it can turn hard (crystalization process), becoming into a soft paste, homogeneous and with several tiny grains. To recover its original state, submerse the glass flask into warm water between 40oC and 45oC (84,8oF to 95,4oF) till it turn back to its normal consistence.

Packages: - Glass Flasks containing 450g and 750g. - PET Drums containing 5 kg and 25 kg.

Suggested use:
Adults - 3 tablespoons daily.
Children - 1 tablespoon daily.

Do not leave the conventional treatment indicated by the physician. If allergic reactions occur, consume must be terminated.

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